Tim Stone - singer/songwriter/guitarist
RJ WIlliams - songwriter/guitarist/engineer

The perfect answer to the age old question, "What kind of music do you play?"
The answer : THE GOODKIND

The Goodkind doesn't stick to any genre, we play great music but didn't want to be so full of ourselves as to call the band "The GREATKIND" All we ask is that you listen to more than one song before you make any assumptions about our 'style' of music. ENJOY!!!

The Goodkind

The Goodkind was born in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara in 1996 when lead singer/songwriter Tim Stone moved in with three friends in order to attend UCSB and pursue his English degree. His early band enjoyed instant success in the area playing nightly shows all over Santa Barbara. They recorded and produced their first CD "Strange New Life" which sold 2000 copies in just two weeks. They had radio airplay and were asked to play on the UCSB campus numerous times as well.
Tim left Santa Barbara in late 1997 to attend a more academic school in southern California, UCI, where he earned his degree in 2000. While in Socal he met RJ Williams who worked with him at the original First Class Pizza location in VIlla Park, close to his families home. This pairing of Tim Stone and RJ Williams pushed the envelope of the earlier music to new heights. They recorded another 'quick' CD at Running Wild Studios with engineer/producer/songwriter Paul Levi entitled '5-4-5'. This was a five song CD which they sold for 5 dollars, hence the name. This CD also sold about 3000 copies in about one month, only due to the heavy work schedule that both members had to endure and the small number of shows that they were able to line up in between.
Finally Tim and RJ decided to make a "real" CD, one that they would actually take more than three eight hour days to record. They enlisted the help of musician/engineer/producer Shawn Sullivan. Shawn was the recording/engineering instructor at Orange Coast College and began sneaking the boys into late night sessions on the campus and in a wherehouse space in Newport Beach. While recording, their early tracks were heard by another artist who was also recording with Shawn. He saw so much potential in the tracks that he took the boys under his wing and began paying for all of their recording time. This CD, entitled 'The Goodkind' sold close to 6000 copies in just two months. The amazing thing was that the band only played 10 shows in those two months and besides the random one or two sold to friends, all 6000 copies were gone after those 10 shows.
The Goodkind has played shows at The Pond in Anaheim, The Galaxy Theatre, The Doll House in Fullerton, The Boogie, Hennessy's Taverns all over OC, private art shows, UC campuses, and many many other smaller venues in OC. Tim now writes and records his own music in his home studio in Huntington Beach and is looking for someone in the industry with 'clout' to help him get national and international exposure. Tim's early success and excellent music bode well for his future and the future of anyone willing to help him get to the next level.


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