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The Goodbye Radio is the new project from Mike Harrison (Vocals) and Jeff Walsh (Guitar, Keyboards), the founding members and principal songwriters of the critically-acclaimed band, Endgames. Harrison and Walsh have reunited with old bandmates, Lee Greenman (Bass) and Andy Fligel (Drums) for the release of their new record, The Year We Didn't Have. The album is available for FREE download at Bandcamp.

The Year We Didn't Have has received rave reviews upon its release:

"The Goodbye Radio has plenty to shout about loud and proud: Triple-A radio seems a natural home for the group's versatility and dynamic potion of crisp melodies, memorable choruses and novel arrangements. This "Year" has all promise of a bold new beginning." - Courtney Harding, Billboard

"A wonderful record." -David Greenwald, Rawkblog

"5 out of 5 stars." -Abbey K. Davis,

One of the album's songs, "We Love You Glasgow," was honored by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Rock category.

Critical acclaim and a loyal following have followed Harrison and Walsh since their Endgames days. That band's first album, Keep on Running, was released in 2001 to enthusiastic reviews and put the group on the map. It made multiple year-end "best of" lists, most notably, New York Newsday. The band soon became favorites at several of Manhattan's most popular venues.

"The stuff indie rocker dreams are made of." -Glenn Gamboa, Newsday

"The band has been garnering rave reviews from the local print media, and after experiencing them live I can see why." - Aural Fix Magazine

"In a league of their own...A+." - The Island Ear

In 2003, Endgames released its second full-length album, Daybreak to Sunset, to even stronger acclaim. Endgames was nominated for an American Music Award when CMJ named the group one of the Top 50 Unsigned Bands in the U.S. And for the second consecutive time, an Endgames album made Newsday's year-end "best of" list.

A consistent theme ran through all the accolades:

"One of the best unsigned bands in America...somebody get these guys a record deal." - Impact Press

"Sounds like the work of a band that is ready to take over the world...5 stars (out of 5)" - Indie Uprising

"Ready for a major label signing." -Long Island Press

"If you work for a record label and you're looking for a band to sign...look no further than Endgames." -Inside Connection

However, rather than fulfilling the inevitable and landing the record deal so many had expected, Endgames surprised its fans by willfully retreating from the scene. Greenman and Fligel worked on other projects while Harrison and Walsh spent the next several years composing new material, building their own recording studio and refining their craft. Walsh also stepped into the role of producer for the first time. Fligel was eventually enlisted to play drums and percussion and formal recording sessions followed. The result: The Year We Didn't Have - the first original Harrison/Walsh songs to be released in seven years.

Harrison, Walsh and Fligel have once again added Greenman into the fold and are currently working on the follow-up to The Year We Didn't Have, due for release later this year.


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Thanks so much. The whole album is available for free on our website: Really appreciate the kind words.


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