The Crossroads fill a huge gap in Contemporary Christian Music, by using strong blues and classic rock music as the main backdrop for their meaningful Christian lyrics. They also use Country, Pop, and traditional Gospel music to present their message. Their focus is to provide music in a style welcomed by most everyone, with a Christian message that does not beat the listener over the head. They use only the best studios to capture and present their music, such as The Hit Factory-Criteria Studios, Miami, FL; Abbey Road Studios, London; Suma Recording Studios, Painesville, OH; and Pacifica Studios, Cleveland, OH. Check them out at,, and

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The Crossroads' first album, Lost Nation, was released in 2003, and is available through their website: and

Their second album, sporting much more variety, even Raggae and "front porch" dobro Gospel, launched December 2005, and is also available at CDBaby. Their single from the new album, title track "Sink Or Swim," came out of The Hit Factory-Criteria Studios in Miami, and was mastered by the legendary Nick Webb at Abbey Road Studios, London.

You'll also enjoy the world-reknowned Mark Leach, a/k/a "Muggie Doo," on the second album. This infamous Hammond B-3 and piano master for Blues Legend Buddy Miles, provides incredible keyboards to The Crossroads' material. VERY cool!!

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There really aren't any artists today similar to The Crossroads, primarily because they stand alone in presenting their Christian-based lyrics through the powerful medium of Blues and Classic Rock music. Having said that, however, if you like traditional blues, classic rock bands like CCR and Bob seger, and contemporary Country artists like Dwight Yoakem, then you'll love these guys.


Think Blues/Rock Greats Billy Gibbons, Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang, SRV, Bo Diddley, and Bob Seger: if you don’t hear them in this Band, you’re deaf!


THE CROSSROADS bring all the power needed to drive any Blues Lover into “nirvana.” Strong gravel-mouthed vocals, screamin’ lead and slide guitar, all backed by stompin’ beats and poundin’ bass: that’s THE CROSSROADS' true Blues recipe. From Lost Nation's Chicago Shuffle of “The Boss,” and Bo Diddly-esque “Where You Gonna Be,” to Sink Or Swim's Funk of "On The Cross" and Raggae of "When You Fall," the Blues drips off these guys like hot sauce at a BBQ. The fact that their songs have Christian-based lyrics makes them all the more enjoyable.

The guys are from the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Cleveland, Ohio, where they often called the famed “Agora Ballroom” home. Steve is the lead guitarist, author, and composer of most of the Band’s material. Steve’s brother, Bryan, is the bassist and driver of the rhythm section. The brothers have been playin’ Blues and Classic Rock together “forever,” along with Johnny P (John Piascik), a life-long friend and the heart of the Band’s strong beats. JP, a Vic Firth drum stick endorser, is an accomplished drummer who spent more than a decade in Nashville gigging, touring, and recording with major Country stars such as David Frizzell and a cousin to Bryan and Steve: Dana Williams (of Diamond Rio).

Randall is the very “heart” of the Band, his strong and raspy vocals, masterful stage presence, and over-all personality projecting power and experience. He truly knows how to put Blues Flavor into the lyrics.

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