Madison born Minneapolis transplant The Cardboard Man is an MC/Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Producer. Heavily influenced by westcoast hip-hop, midwestern folk, blues and funk. With a "man behind the curtain" approach to producing he mixes genres, moods, voices and instruments to create a refreshing take on music. From Drum N Bass to Bluegrass...Expect the unexpected.

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I'm a working man now. No time for this nonsense. It's fun living in a dream world though, right musicians who gave it up to not be broke and live off of people? It's either my life or not. I can't hobby'a'tize my passion. So drop it.

Thanks for the ride while it lasted,

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I could write a quick sentence or a ten page report explaining who I am or what I do or why I do what I do that makes me who I am. Instead...
I'll just say this.

I love a wide range of genres and my music should show it.
I hate auto-tune and other talent issue fixing software.
I work alone because I've retained revenge feelings from the band I got kicked out of in 6th grade.
I starting writing songs 8 years ago.
I was a Dj and a trance/house producer before I could rap or sing.
I prefer MC to Rapper.
I would rather have a note be a little sharp or flat than sound like a robot.

I'm just a puzzle piece in the wrong puzzle box.

Sincerely, The Cardboard Man


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over 30 days ago to The Cardboard Man


Thank for your review on Feeling The Need, Cardboard Man. You may not fully understand song because it is not your average Rap/Hip-Hop song, it was written and produced before the here and now. Listen to the Words again you will get it. This song is speaking about the Rich verses the poor and blindness and the oppression of the little people. Keeping us distracted in media, music, etc. Hope this helps you to understand, and listen again. I will also check out your tunes now bro. Have a great day.

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The Cardboard Man
over 30 days ago

I found the topics you just named to be very classic topics for any song in the hip hop genre. In fact, the lyrics of your song are very Hip Hop, the beat combined with the chorus give it a rap vibe. I've written on said topics many times, In fact most of my lyrics are laced with anti-conformity, anti-government, anti-media, anti-anti. etc. This is actually the obvious line of similarity between folk/rock music in the 60's and Hip Hop in the late 80's to now. Rap in my opinion is the rejected brother of Hip Hop that sold out in the 90's and turned into a freak show after 2000. Real Hip Hop is alive and well...Just gotta look for it, or listen I should say. Thanks Biz, Have a good one!

Good morning Cardboard Man. Thanks for responding to my comment. I can dig it man. You keep up the good work.I checked out a couple of your cuts. That one the day before you lost your job was tight, I really like it. Stay in touch. Peace & Blessings.

Dave Normand
over 30 days ago to The Cardboard Man

Hey man, thanks for your thoughts on my tune, "Take a Chance". I like your technical perspective. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this recording thing. Writing, playing, recording and mixing... I really need to farm some of this out to the pros!!!
Cheers man!

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