I was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada. I picked up my first guitar at age 10. During high school my music became a very serious aspect of my life putting on concerts every year for the student body. After these great experiences I knew that music was my life.

My first professional endeavor with a disco band. That was very short lived because of my want to express myself through my own music. I formed 2 original bands under the name of Traces. We were a heavy 80's rock band with influences coming from Bowie, Lennon and Yes.

After several years I linked up with a band called Maranatha. Their influences were more along the lines of Santana and Latin fusion rock. We played the main circuit in downtown Montreal in clubs such as Sir Winston Churchill’s, Septembers, and Ruby Foo’s. During our time at Ruby Foos, we had special guest that would perform with us such as saxophonists Glenn Bradley, percussionist Alain Plough, and Roger Aslin, guitarist Wayne Prue and singer Dino
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Clean Clean

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