We are a neighborhood, a Mohalla.
A neighborhood on the move, a rawaanaa mohalla.
In other words, a Caravan Serai.

More to come - Watch this space!


Prehistory -
In the late Eighties, there were three guys, in Hyderabad India. Anand was the youngest of the lot, 16 or so, and the other guys a year and two respectively older. JK at 17'ish, and Som at about 18. Anand was the root and founding spirit for the band - on the six string guitar, he could work magic in one dizzy mix of rhythm, fills and lead runs. JK rode shotgun and was not far behind on the guitar. Som was a wild card - no specific skills on any musical instrument, but he had the rudiments of putting lyric together which triggered musical ideas in the other guys, and by default he started out on the drums, and somehow a prototype for the band evolved from this pot of gumbo.
History -
As the hand of the clocks moved us along into the Nineties, JK took off on various trips in life and was handling enough turbulences on his own to be able to take on the eccentric orbits into which this early formation of the band was headed for, so Anand and Som were kind of looking around with a bit of "huh? What happened?" when Adoor kicked in, and stabilized the role of lead guitar player / vocalist. It may take only two to tango, but to play the blues three makes quorum. And to complete the standard quartet, Rajeev and subsequently Amol, they respectively held their ground on the bass. Other friends such as Sricharan, Farhan, Ghanty etc. would weave in and out with creative inputs, enthusiasm, and company for Irani tea and such likes. And through the Nineties the band had a phase of several creative moments where songs were born, and a few disastrous shows and one magical memorable one.
And then the 21st Century starting looming around the horizons and threw everyone for a toss - and folks dispersed on account of the vicissitudes of life and all that. And at one point in that first decade of the Millennium, Anand hit the happy hunting grounds and Som was by then in North America. He met up with folks with similar tastes and enthusiasm for music, and they all agreed to continue with the same band identity - The Tankbund Blues Band. This led to the following -

Recent stints -

Moving the location over to the Greater Toronto Area - Canada
Joe Carone played rhythm guitar. He dug the basics - pure and simple authentic classic rock. Rick Madden played the lead guitar. He was more into the blues, particularly the Irish strains. Jerzy played bass guitar - he was multi-faceted, also passionate about the theatre, having been in stage performances of Tommy, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Russ Hutchings kicked in on occasion, on the keys. Som continued his role as the drummer - being the link between the hoary past (one of the possible ones, the one from where the name carries over), the hazy present, and onwards to the heady future.
And now -

The guys in the Canadian chapter still get together every now and then for some good ol' garage jams because at the end of the day we all love the same music - but of the lot, Som is the only guy looking to hustle the world in this regard, he has the flash of the chrome in his eyes and the wistful strains of the sounds from Tin Pan Alley catch him by the ear. And of the old gang from back home in Hyderabad India, Farhan is actively re-engaged.
So, per the above gist, here is the deal - the quarter Century of "budding but not quite yet sprouted" state of existence in the Garden of Blues based Rock has led Som to get off of his drum throne and to bring to the fore his other role (which was how he had started out with, way back in the late Eighties), which is that of a songwriter, wielding word craft instead of the drum sticks.
This band now runs on that fuel - And the Spirit of Anand Nori, the root genius of the band.
And of course, it is a caravan serai, a mohalla on the move - and hence, folks from the past, the present and the future will keep kicking in as and when the music beckons

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