Tait are a Pop Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. Chris Tait the vocalist and main songwriter has spent many years involved in the SA music scene, producing and writing with some of South Africa's biggest names. Tait secured their first record deal in 2003 with Fresh Music. "Back Seat Driver" was received as one of South Africa's biggest pop-rock albums of 2003, with the first single "In My Arms" charting in the Top Ten on radio stations nationwide. Followed by the next single "The Best Days Of My Life" doing much the same. Tait spent most of 2004 touring SA and promoting the album. Early 2005 Tait secured their first major publishing deal, with Universal Music International.
Since then have been working on new material and getting ready for the release and launch of their new album "So Many Ways".

Tait Interview/Biography


Chris Tait joined Street level Studios in 2001. Since then he has produced and recorded with some of South Africa’s finest artists. His solo project Tait has been receiving massive airplay and huge popularity across the country. Two tours, two hit singles and one great album later, we spoke to Chris Tait about the past and future of Tait:

What is the reason for the solo move?

My songs in the earlier part of my career were based on the late hard rock/grunge-era bands like Soundgarden, STP, Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc.. Yet due to other influences over the years (and growing up), I’ve found myself enjoying all aspects of the pop/rock genre. I think my darker side comes out every now and again in some of the tracks I’ve recorded but I always try to keep things as melodic and accessible as possible. Working as a solo artist is far more rewarding for me, not having the normal boring arguments with band members is refreshing….sort of like a mini dictatorship.

What are your immediate ambitions?

I’m always working on new material. Whether it’s songs for TAIT, or songs for other artists, it’s still the part I enjoy the most. We’ve just recently started our own publishing company called SMACKSONGS!, which is administered by Universal Music Publishing International. This open’s a whole new door to the industry which in the past I had no idea existed.

What's so special about tait in an industry overflowing with new artists?

I think TAIT weaves its way nicely between hard rock and accessible melody, creating for me what I've always wanted - a fusion between what I love to listen to and what I don't tell people I love to listen to. For me, melody is probably the most important thing when writing, I mean sure, a good lyric is cool, but how many times do you find yourself humming or singing a tune regardless of what the lyrics are? So when I begin to write, the music comes before the words. A quiet room and an acoustic guitar are all it takes.


•1st single “(I think I can)Relate” secures record deal with Fresh Music
•“(I think I can)Relate” play listed on 5FM, Matie FM, SAFM, UCT radio, TUKS FM, CBFM, Radio Shimla.
• “(I Think I Can)Relate” spent 3 weeks at No. 1 on SAMP3.com
•2nd Single “In My Arms” is released and play listed on 5FM, Matie FM, UCT Radio, TUKS FM, CBFM, Radio Shimla, 94.7 Highveld, Jacaranda, East Coast radio, Radio Algoa, KFM and OFM.
•“In My Arms” reached No. 4 on 5FM Top 40, No. 1 on Radio Algoa and in the Top ten on almost all radio stations in the country.
•3rd Single “The Best days Of My Life” play listed on 5FM, Matie FM, UCT Radio, TUKS FM, CBFM, Radio Shimla and OFM.
•“The Best Days Of My Life” reached No. 12 on 5FM Top Forty and No 7 on the 5FM High 5@five.
•4th Single “Don’t Let Me Go” play listed on 5FM, Radio Algoa etc.


•Interview and Live performance on GOTV Meltdown.
•Interview and Live performance on E TV Morning Show
•Interviews on 5FM, 94.7 Highveld, East Coast Radio, OFM, Matie FM, UCT radio, TUKS FM, CBFM, Radio Shimla.


•Interviews/reviews in the Cape Argus, Die Burger, The Citizen(JHB), Die Beeld, Blunt Magazine, Stage Magazine, SL, YOU, Huisgenoot and most other newspapers and magazines nationwide.


•All venues in Cape Town including The Mercury, The Indie Armchair Theatre, Mystic Boer, Bohemia, Obs Café, Acoustic Café etc.
•Obs Festival December 2003.
• 2 week Tour of JHB, Pretoria and Bloemfontein in May 2004.
•Authentic Ideas first V-Town Festival in Vereenerging May 2004
•2 week Tour of JHB, Pretoria and Bloemfontein Oct 2004, upon release of Tait’s first e-single “High and Mighty”.
•Main stage at Woodstock 6 in September 2004.

  • Member Since: 2005
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