Svenson is an award-winning author, composer, performer, and instructor. An endorser for Music Man Guitars, Peavey, and Ernie Ball Strings, Svenson performs worldwide and has appeared in Bangkok, Beijing, Monte Video, Shanghai, Seoul, Stockholm, Paphos as well as the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival. He has also written Svenson´s Guitar Workshop, a series done exclusively for the multi-touch book format with videos, sheet music, and glossary. Books are available in four languages.

Svenson has recorded with such greats as Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Jerry Donahue (Hellecasters), Rhani Krija (Sting), Alexander Veljanov and Lulo Reinhardt.

As a composer, he has composed the main titles for German TV-shows and audiobooks. He since worked as a composer and producer in a variety of international projects, such as films, commercials, theme songs, and several rock music projects.

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Svenson - Glory, Death, And Heroes An Epic, Cinematic Journey Into Sound

The brilliant sounds penned by Sven Kuehbauch are implemented on his fifth studio album by Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) and Alexander Veljanov

With his fifth studio album, the versatile artist has now discovered brilliant cinema sounds for himself.


Blues webside critic, B´Man´s Blues Report recently reviewed one of SVENSON´s albums and commented, „He plays the rhythm and lead guitar at once much like charlie hunter". „Extremely clear and well executed." This is indicative of the fact that Svenson is truly a guitarist´s guitarist. But there is more to discover. Sven Kuehbauch aka Svenson is an author, composer and instructor as well.
Sven is currently teaching at the music school of the Hansestadt Stralsund. Beforehand he taught at the Beethoven music school of Bonn. He published Svenson´s Guitar workshop, a series written exclusively for the multi touch book format .iba (Apple iBooks) and available only on iBooks and iTunes. Sheet music by Svenson is available at Amazon, iTunes and Google play store.
Svenson performs worldwide: Bangkok, Beijing, Monte Video, Shanghai, Seoul, Stockholm...
In 2011 he performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Sven studied at the Jazz and Rock School in Freiburg, Breisgau, Germany, which is an official partner to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, U.S.A.
While there, he attended master classes and workshops given by: Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Pat Metheny, Joe Diorio.
Svenson composed the main titles for German TV-shows and audiobooks like cable television Sat 1 and famous Karl May Verlag audiobooks.
Svenson has performed at all major music trade shows around the world as an endorser for Music Man, Jim Dunlop, Farida guitar, Framus, Rodenberg amplifications and Ernie Ball Strings.
Sven has recorded with such greats as Jerry Donahue, Rhani Krija and Lulo Reinhardt.


Jason Van Buren
over 30 days ago to Svenson

Hello Svenson, thanks for your review of "Grace Along". Very insightful feedback I appreciate your time and thoughts. Jay

Jeana Marie Potthoff
over 30 days ago to Svenson

Hi Svenson--thanks for your complete review of "Torn". I appreciate your thoughts!

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago to Svenson

Thank you for the kool review of "Apocalypse"... yeah it's kind of a crazy song... don't really know where it came from. Thanks for the numbers and rad comments. All the best to you.

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