I am 38 years old, and I come from Cheshire, I have been involved in the Entertainment Business for 26 years. This is when I first studied to play keyboards.

At the age of 16 I began to perform in front of a live audience around Cheshire, after a year of performing as a solo artist, I formed a duo. Around this time I started composing songs, and would perform them as part of the duo.

I studied my second instrument, Drums, whilst in collage and once leaving, I took a job as salesmen in a music shop. I continued to perform in the evenings as part of the duo, and this is when we were approached to audition for a season on a holiday park in Cornwall.

The audition was a success and we worked on holiday parks all over the South of England for 13 years working with many top artists from the sixties. In between this time I took the role of the Drummer in the band and also lead vocalist, I continued to write and produce songs, and was producing the music for the shows at Weststar Holiday Parks, in Dorset as well as established cabaret acts around the south of England.

I have set up my own studio in Cheshire which is know as ?Sunset Studio? this is where I produce the demo?s.

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