Guitarist, singer and songwriter. Prefered music styles include rock, pop, country and flamenco jazz. Currently working with two bands: One Detroit area rock band playing mix of covers and originals and a country artist out of Columbus, Ohio named Tim Omark -

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Playing with Tim Omark on Saturday, July 16th at 7:00 pm at the Gas Light Theater in Sistersville, West Virginia, USA

Steven Tarnowsky

Wrote, recorded & performed with various rock bands in NJ, MI and CA since 1973. Highlights included:
-Band Doppel Gang opened for The Busboys at Bogart's in Long Beach, CA (1985)
-Featured on KLOS local music show in Los Angeles(1985)
-Wrote & produced the Engineers'Rap in 1987. Song received national airplay on the Dr. Demento show & was included on the Funniest Computer Songs compilation
-Engineers' Rap was also performed live (twice) on the nationally televised Gong Show by the Enginerds (won both times).
-Band Daisy Chain opened for The Tea Party at radio station WRIF event in Detroit, MI (1997); was featured for 30 minutes on WRIF local music show in 1998

Wrote, recorded & performed folk/pop music as part of Kolo from 1999-2002. Highlights included:
-Featured on Over Easy program for 30 minutes interview / live performance at Detroit radio station WLLC
-Performed live on Mitch Albom's show, nationally broadcast on MSNBC TV & locally on Detroit radio station.

Wrote, recorded & performed flamenco / jazz music as part of Domingo since 2003. Highlights included release of the self-titled "Domingo" CD and festival performance throughout southeast Michigan.

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