Mark & Jeff started southerntransfer in 1975 Donnie joined in 1978 we played not just southern rock we played van Halen, rolling stones, ted nugent, grand funk, jethro tull and more. we broke up in 1980. Donnie & Mark stayed in touch over the years ,played in a couple of bands but nothing ever lasted more than a couple of years. Then in Feb. Of 2001 after surviving a heart attack Jeff knocks on Donnie's door & wants to get the band back together and just write our own music and record. so since 2001 we've done 2Cds (The Magic's Still The Same) & (Ghosttown). we plan on starting on our third one in Feb of. 2004 --- Donnie- Lead Vocals & Rythm,--- Jeff -Bass Guitar & Vocals,--- Mark - Lead guitar, Slide & Vocals. (P.S) SINCE NONE OF US ARE FROM THE SOUTH WE LIKE TO CALL OUR TYPE OF MUSIC ------------MASON -DIXON ROCK!! -----------Go to our web site (


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