Songs For Joss is the collection of 32 songs written, one per year, from 1981 until today. The songs have been embedded in an ebook published in 3 parts and available at

Actually there is no band: Colin (amateur song writer, ageing baby-boomer) wrote these songs for Jocelyn and collated them for a wedding present in 2007. A very long engagement. Other musicians have improved many of them...but we would very much appreciate further help. The book is surprisingly successful and there may be mutual benefits. Anyway, please enjoy the free sample above and, well, not much else to say.

Mr and Mrs Rock

Joss and I first met as teenagers in 1967. We met again in 1981 and I presented her with a Valentine's poem and, after that failure, composed my first song with an old guitar we found, glued and strung haphazardly. I still use the same guitar but have now learned several chords.

We have bounced, staggered, skipped and survived 32 years together so far and there is a song for each year. It keeps us amused anyway.
Free sample of the book at


James Chaffey
over 30 days ago to Songs For Joss

An exraordinary song, extraordinarily beautiful. Loved it.

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Songs For Joss
over 30 days ago

Thanks, Jim, my wife and have just listened to yours and really enjoyed them. Will listen again later. Cheers.

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