The World

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song at a time right after Hurrican Katrina and I wanted women or anyone in a struggle to have hope.

Song Description

I wrote this song after feeling like no one cared about my hometown or surrounding neighborhood. This song is to lift the awareness of how people really view ghetto.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Rap - East Coast, Rap - Hip Hop
Mood Composed Subject Evolution, Power
Similar Artists Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Look around at the World you see you have so many kids dying from poverty
The things we take for granted is the same things we need
Not only in Africa but right here in Jersey
From the East Coast Down to Washington DC
Matter of Fact it happens all across the country
Now maybe you say it doesn't directly effect you
Cause your Kids ain't subjective they go to a better School
The Ghetto is just a place people come back for Food
But its that same corner, that same space, somebody got robbed,
somebody got shot, somebody's life, was taken in vein
And where' s Daddy, daddy, daddy
Well Daddy lock up or not around living Moms to work two jobs
with no childsupport now
So what is life without liberty?
What's the world without povery?
Survival of the fittest got the young dying endlessly!
So I guess the next best thing to do
Is to turn our heads and hope its not me or you
Well that's the easy way out only cowards move away
How can we plan for tomorrow when we forgot yesterday
Soldiers at War
Our People diey Poor
We have to make our communities more
So let's

Hook: Let's Shine, Let's Climb, Let's Rise, for the World. For the World. We have to save, we have to save a dying world.

So what is chang if you never attemp to make a change
Just an excuse not to play the game
How can we pray for eachother but won't help out oneanother
Critiqueing eachother what we should and should not do.
When you don't make decisions believe they made for you.
Some say its not our position Well I say that it is
How can we turn our back on Africa when we have African kids
Ladies love yourself and take care your kids
I said Ladies love yourself and take care of your kids
We should be owning empires like the Jews been did
Still we slimming and trimming to look like who?
While they tanning, implanting, botoxing for you?
And we still shortchanged at everything that we do.
Somehow we hold it together
So now its time to blossom and show the world what we can do.
So Let
Hook: Let's Climb, Let's Rise, Let's Shine, for the World, We have to save , we have to save, a dying world.
Verse 3 :
Man my mother, my father, my sister, my brother,
This could be me
Hell this could be you
We all at War the minute we walk out the door
So its up to me and it;s up to you
The ball is in your corner now what you going to do.

Lyrics Zenah Music Zenah
Producer Zenah Publisher Zenah
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