Da Best

Story Behind The Song

This is a Self reflection of how I was feeling during a particular time in my life. So I wrote a motivational song to reflect what I was feeling. Basically the song is a response to people around me that I never had a chance to voice my opinion to.

Song Description

This song is about not letting anyone or anything stop you from getting to the next level. Also, not being afraid of competition and life.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Unique - General


Verse 1:
Just the other day my life was a mess
The best female contender under so much stress
Never cared about nobody but myself cause nobody ever cared about me and my health. Use to make friends just to cut off friends the matter of the fact is that you can't depend so why should I pretend to be less than a ten so you can boost esteem and and walk with a grin. Please ,you better know this ain't the stop and go so watch the pick and roll cause the full court pressure is on.
You see magnificent, the defense, known as agressiveness ,slides off my lips so sweet with full confidence even chicks who don't like force to give compliments, and that's not what I ask for that's just how it is. Never settle for less work hard collect the wins. Kill competition from the start to the end.

Hook: Cause to be the best you have to play the best and if you stand in one spot you guaranteed to get left.

Second Verse:

Now the attitude is expected that's why I stay protected. No time to be effected by the unknown why worry about something that you can't control. A body without ambition is like forfeting competion arrogence ain't (pause) if you can't learn to listen. You can lead the camel to the water you know he ain't goin drank I'm a woods warrior name Zenah throw the ball see if I blink. Consequences come quick that's why you need to think fast consider this a lesson from the poor to middle class. The best don't exactly mean number one it's about conquering you life to be the best one. Take an opportunity when it seems a little shaky. Take an ass whooping without retailating. Never compromise the pride or integrity. So get out the block hit the shot, and follow the lead.

Hook:Cause to be the best you have to play the best and if you stand in one spot you guaranteed to get left.

Verse #3:

Don't need Christian Dior to rock the tour. Like Tina stitch old rags into coutour. Feeling good cause I'm breaking all barriers and I'm hitting States like Satellite areas, never waste time doing nothing. I read it, I write it, I keep it scripted for the mic, Yeah, you want it come get it, cause when I write I get excited. Virgo , you know how we do critique analyze then think it threw. Perfectionist, never envyist, I'm greatful for the struggle makes it easier to cutt em. We can take it back to 1800 B.C. everybody wants American Dream. Why we spending 18 million on material things when we can't get a spot in the high fashion Game. I guess we to busy chasing the bling, not believing our dreams, and giving up that Diamond Thing no what's in between.

Hook: Cause to be the best you have to play the best and if you stand in one spot you guaranteed to get left.

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