Evolutionary Tendencies

Story Behind The Song

Created the melody first on the piano and later created/dance a trance version of it.

Song Description

Cyborg theme with vocals sampled from the game Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier.

Song Length 5:14 Genre Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Life, Evolution
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Those who join us need only give up only half of their humanity- the illogical, ill-tempered, and disordered half, commonly thought of as 'right-brain' functioning. In exchange, the 'left-brain' capacities are increased to undreamed potentials. The tendency of Biologicals to cling instead to their individual personalities can only be attributed to archaic evolutionary tendencies."

Nice pad sound in the intro. Sexy voice over sets up the vibe well. Nice piano melody. Great synth sounds and line at 3 minutes! Nice use of fx. Good breakdown at 3:30, the perfect spot to chill out. Beautiful progression and melody lines. Quality production through and through.

Brilliant - I am sure I hear a hint of "Wild World" by Cat Stevens in the backing track.

This is a really cool track, with nice vocalisation and a very catchy hook and drum loop. It is quite original too, with a semi-chilled out vibe.

Loved the girls vocal. Sexy and captivating. I definitely this at a rave.

love the girl talking, sounds real digital! Instrument Arrangement is cool.

Reminded me of Dubstep when the drop hit. Keep up the good work.

good intro to the song

Soothing Music

I like it. I like the message.

As a listener and producer of electronic music, I can say that overall I like this piece. It is a sort of Pachelbel's Canon 4 chord wonder dance tune, which I'm always a fan of.

So I guess disco-therapy is making a comeback.

Like the vibe of this, sounds and chord progression! Also like the breakdowns with the talking

Nice concept, great dance feel to this

I personally never listen to this kind of "music". Sounds like club music. Its very cool

Pet Shop Boys meets Dune. This is an amalgamation of lots of variations on a chordal theme that is predominant in a lot of popular song and works well in expressing that idea. the sci-fi element is new and surprised me and choosing to have a narrator on the tract gives it context, something that would be lost without it. This is great.

The piano was wonderful. Enjoyed the melody. Upbeat and joyful. The vocals were very soothing and added to the trance feeling.

Lyrics Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier Music Karl-Gustav Johansson
Producer Karl-Gustav Johansson Publisher Karl-Gustav Johansson
Performance Karl-Gustav Johansson
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