(no nothing)

Song Length 3:08 Genre Rock - Alternative
Subject Musician Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


I have no words
for how I feel today
and I have no deeds
the big one got away
why write a song when I have nothing to say

I have no time
for things that must get done
and I have no space
just enough for one
what can I do when I want to have some fun?

I have a vow I don't intend to keep
now i've got the gold
I'm getting realy cheap
when did I start becoming such a creep?

once a fool, always a fool
how can I learn if I won't go back to school
why should I work when I just want to be cool?

Lyrics Walt Sargent Music Walt Sargent
Producer Walt Sargent Publisher Walt Sargent
Performance Walt Sargent

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