Conversations With Myself

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Tape (recording) is often used as a metaphor for our thoughts (the "mind"). Sometimes when I meditate, all I hear are tapes - thoughts I've recorded earlier - just as mechanical as voicemail. The song is funny because other people seem to have similar dia

Song Length 3:39 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Blues - Modern
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Affable Subject Comedy, Funny, Spirituality
Language English Era 2000 and later


Standing in a moment of confusion
When things fall apart suddenly
And I need someone to talk to
Someone who really understands

So I pick up the phone
And give myself a call
But I hear "sorry, I'm not home"
"Would you like to leave a message?"
In a conversation with myself

I have gotten kinda skeptical
'Cause I know that I screen my calls
But I am not so easily deterred
'Cause it means that I am listening
so I say "pick up the phone!"
you know I can wait all day
it's me, you idiot!
I know that I am home
In a conversation with myself

So I listen really hard
To really do the trick
And somewhere way inside
I hear a little click
In a conversation with myself

This is followed by an awkward silence
You'd think I'd be used to it by now
But it's funny to be listening
When you're being listened to
It gets a little weird
When you don't know who is who
But I know what I'm thinking
'cause I can read my mind
When all I hear is nothing
I know I'm on the line
In a conversation with myself

Lyrics Walt Sargent Music Walt Sargent
Producer Walt Sargent Publisher Walt Sargent
Performance Walt Sargent

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