Lay You Down

Story Behind The Song

Have you ever had someone you love so much make choices that you knew were not good for them? Have you ever had emotions so strong with such a helpless feeling because you could do nothing but watch them make those decisions? That was my experience with my child. That is where this song came from.

Song Description

Deep love for someone wanting them, desiring them to make right choices to see them succeed.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Religious
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Worried Subject Love for Child, Sadness
Language English Era 2000 and later


I watch you and grin
something awakens from within
how can i open your eyes
how can I make you see
all that you mean to me
oh if you could just see

Verse 1
My heart is broken
ripped in half
something to be taken
there is no doubt
my life is shaken

Verse 2
The choice is yours
follow or stray
a life of blessing
or a world of decay
it's your life that lays

I've lost my strength
I will not fight
I will lay you down
Please do what's right

guitar needs to be tuned maybe change the strings they sound dead. good voice don't forget to breath deep and project more. this sounds more like 70's pop with the casio band backing. I would find some pro players and have them record the music for you and you just sing. id adjust the tempo to bring the speed up and shorten this to about 315 320 total time

Very, very nice voice. Not a typical country song, which is a breath of fresh air to me, this song could easily cross into other genres which would create a much broader interest and potential fan base :)

I listened twice, and now again as I type this, for a 3 time listen, I love the vocalist and what she is doing and how she is sounding. Emotion just pours out of my headset as I listen, it is as near perfection as any I have heard on BJ, and because of her performance, not even the occasional fret noise bothers me, and usually I do not like it a whole lot. This in my opinion, is songwriting, performance at its very est

Very nice guitar and good singing

Nice vocal performance !

Very nice sounding double acoustic guitar, with ace piano entrance at 1:30. The song is pleasant and very smooth. The voice is tunefully in tune. Maybe keyboard [sound: electric organ or strings] could be added to the second part, to increase intensity or to insert a variation in the sonic texture or to stress a particularly emotional passage.

Lyrics Vee Reeves Music Vee Reeves
Producer Doug Kern Publisher Elisheva Music
Performance Vee Reeves
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