Gone Away

Story Behind The Song

From The Lyricist : I guess this song came about after my experiences with Australian Idol, the music industry in general and the ramifications if I were to go through the entire process. The idea that when you have a gift, talent or 'marketable product/image', that "all the thieving assess" will eventually "beg to line up for my kiss". Coupled with a defeatist approach to achieving goals and the anxiety taken on if you delay your musical prowess, the song displays how fleeting fame can be unless you're willing to work with continual efforts in the right direction or until it's "gone away". --- Disclaimer : Almost all of my lyrics are purposefully written for the listener to have the freedom to adopt their own meaning. --- From an instrumental point of view - Guitarist : This song to me is a very powerful one. The intro begins with that eerie Tim Burtonesque vibe and then at the 33 second mark, the facade drops and the song jumps out and slaps you in the face (really hard too). The verses and chorus' both share shades of a dark and light nature, but at the 2 minute mark it takes you to the next plateau. Uplifting would best describe the ending.

Song Description

It's about the perils of the music industry and having the balls to persist and stick with it until you break through.

Song Length 3:05 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Detestable Subject Other, Conformity
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Gone Away" - Lyrics (c) M. Anderson 2009 - Music (c) Tranz Phat 2009

For all the seething masses waiting paitiently for this
While all the thieving asses beg to line up for my kiss
Abrasive action necessitates the word
Calibrated factions infuriate the herd

Forgotten reasons, fleeting treasons, I'm not here for this
As all the seasons lead their legions blind to the abyss
Invasive traction illuminates the turn
Your delayed reaction exacerbates the burn

You wait too long, deciding where to take this pantomime
Before we receive you
And now, you're coming down, order seems to lay down the line
And you've lost the truth

Now it's gone away
Gone away
It's gone away
Gone away

Lyrics M. Anderson Music M. Anderson, M. Reynolds, R. Chapple,T. Brown
Producer A. Hagop, D.Leffler, M. Anderson, M. Reynolds, R. Chapple,T. Brown Performance M. Anderson, M. Reynolds, R. Chapple,T. Brown
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