Soul Full Love

Story Behind The Song

Main singer a male with two female parts

Song Description

A man meets two women and plays them both to bed and love

Song Length 3:10 Genre R & B - Classic, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Composed, Cool Subject Falling in Love
Era 2000 and later


Soul Full Love
Words and Music
G. Brittian
All Copyright and publishing
Transilence Recording 2007

I met two girls in a bar so it goes
One is named Nicole, the other one is Rose
I said some words I shouldn?t have said
I tried to get them, both in bed
I said , Ill love you in the morning
Love you in the night
Love you in the evening, hold you tight
Hold you and make you mine
Im gonna treat you right, Gotta get it right
Cause I wanna know, if you will be by my side
And I said some things I shouldn?t have said

Our is a soul full love baby
Our is a soul full love
Ment to last a long long time
Deep down inside
we should spend the night and see
Our is a soul full love
If are , are is a soul full love

You said those words to me, but you didn?t mean it
You said to me I was number one (number one)
I heard you whisper in the dark I?m not alone
I heard a girl named Rose, Who?s she

We made love in the evening
Love at night
Love in the Sha sha (shower) hold me tight, lets ride
You said you always love me
Said you always need me
And I would be the only one for you


Oh how could I say so many words in the morning
In the day in the night
Get it right telling lies while your by my side
Oh how could I be so untrue when you and her have been true blue
I didn?t mean to say what I said to you both baby
But both of you mean so much to me

Chorus and end

Lyrics Glenn Brittain Music Glenn Brittain
Producer GMO Publisher Transilence Publishing / Recordings
Performance 421 Sound Label Transilence Recordings

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