Small-Time Musician, Big-Time Dreams

Story Behind The Song

This is the original version of Small-Time Musician, Big-Time Dreams that was redone for cd #3. This version leads off my first cd, titled, "Just The 3 Of Us".

Song Description

This could be the story of my life

Song Length 2:43 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


I believe in music, it's done so much for me
When I'm playing music it makes me feel free
I've played in a lot of bands, I've sung my own songs
I've pleased some fans and done some others wrong
I've dreamed of success, gold records, money, and fame
And settling for less has caused me some pain

It was real not a vision, but it's not as it seems
I was just a small-time musician with big-time dreams

Yes, the dream is shattered, my playing days are gone
And all the things that mattered only remind me that it's done
But I'd do it again, and sometimes I wish I could
For a dream that might have been dies so much harder than it should


Lyrics Tom Watson Music Tom Watson
Performance Tom Watson
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