Always About You

Story Behind The Song

Guy joins a lead singers band because he's in love with her. He can't tell her how he feels for fear of ruining their friendship. What she doesn't know is he's not in it to become famous. He just loves being around her and the simple things in life. Ultimately, he tells her how he really feels.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Falling in Love
Era 2000 and later


Tried out for your band all those years ago
I learned each note of ev'ry song you wrote
Me and the boys laid down the grooves
You had the voice and made all the moves

We chased your dream of makin' it big
I poured out my heart at every gig
You thought it was about butts in the seats
And getting crowds up on their feet

My plans were bigger than any stage
And never about the money or fame

It was always about you
From the moment we met I just knew
I couldn't tell you the truth
Convinced myself I had too much to lose
But it was always, always, about you

Had your first hit got signed on the coast
But you still didn't know what I loved the most
Were moments with you sittin' on the bus
Talkin' bout music, life and other stuff

My plans were bigger than any stage
And never about the money or fame



One night I finally leaned in for a kiss
And told you the truth as I did


Great story, great vocals, great instrumental, recording and arrangement. Loved! I can definitely hear this in a movie, on TV or Film. Great job!

Lyrics Tom Reardon Music Nick Caiano and Tom Reardon
Producer Nick Caiano Performance Nick Caiano

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