Cheatin' On Yourself

Song Length 3:10 Genre Country - Rock
Similar Artists Jana Kramer


Cheatin' On Yourself

Another night of cryin'
Picking up the pieces of your heart
He'll say sorry like he always does
Every time he's gone too far
Then he'll turn around and blame you
Tell you it's what you deserve
And a part of you believes him
So you keep on taking the hurt
Girl, by staying with him
you're only cheatin' on yourself
Don't you want off this merry-go-round
You could find somebody else
that loves you for who you are
You ain't gotta live this hell
cause' Girl, by staying with him
you're cheatin' on yourself

You're so sweet and humble
honest, smart and always shine your light
He's so shady and he's always mean
You need a man that treats you right
Picture no more sadness or rage
No more being afraid that something
you say will piss him off again
That's the life that you'll never
have with him

Don't fall into his trap
making you think that, he's going to change
It doesn't have to be this way


Lyrics Tom Reardon Music Austin Moorhead, Christine Corless, Tom Reardon
Producer Austin Moorhead Performance Christine Corless, Austin Moorhead

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