Building Man (Featuring Bryan Harkness)

Story Behind The Song

My dad was in the construction industry and that's how we grew up, but he was building his boys more than he was building buildings.

Song Description

Admiring the teachings of my dad

Song Length 4:10 Genre Country - Americana, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad Subject Pride, Father
Similar Artists George Strait Language English
Era 2000 and later


Building Man
Tim Sharp / Kathy Gordon ©2018

Verse 1

Well my daddy was a building man, made it all with his own hands, and all of the time....
When I turn around in my hometown all I see up and down these streets, is his whole life.
From the corner church, the liquor store, and all the way up and down here to the local root beer stand
He built them all. He loved his work. He was a master with a plan.


Well, Daddy never would be President
He would never teach in some fine school
You see my daddy was a building man
The greatest man that I ever knew
He'd raise the walls, and put on a roof
But not for legacy
He was the greatest builder of all
He built the best in me.

Verse 2

He'd say, "Son, shake a hand, give your word and always look a man right in the eye.
Work all day and earn your pay, but never stop reaching for your dreams high in the sky.
Mind your manners, help your neighbors, and remember pride comes before the fall.
Love your mama. Watch over her, when the day comes that I'm gone."



He told us how he built this town from the ground, I guess I never realized
What I'd give to hear his stories again, another thousand times

He was the greatest builder of all, building the best in me

Lyrics Kathy Gordon/ Tim Sharp Music Bryan Harkness
Producer Bryan Harknss Publisher Hard 8 Publishing
Performance Bryan Harkness

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