Someone Like You

Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - Rock


"Someone Like You"

I lie awake until the dawn
What I'm waiting for who knows
Finding out where I belong
Anywhere but where I am
I'm usually fine until the thought of you
Gets into my mind
But it always finds it's way

I'm not laying down


Send me to another day
Save me from these walls I made
I'm not about to wonder why
I'm leaving either way
Send me towards a better way
Guide me through the mines I laid
I'm not about to wonder why
I got caught up with someone like you

I know we've all made our mistakes
But it starts to wear me down
Everyone just seems to take
Cuz there's no one else around
I'm usually fine until I speak of you
Though it's something I can't hide
No I just can't hide

I'm not laying down



I'd rather lose it all
Knowing that I'm not looking behind
Time after time
Losing my mind
I've been there before


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