Little One

Song Length 4:10 Genre Country - General


Baby's home and momma's dressed
I suggest you get some rest
Take some time to decompress inside
He's asleep, but soon he'll rise
Like the sun in the autumn sky
Shine, he'll shine

And only you can see his light

You are my little one

All this time, life makes a man
watch him stumble while you can
catch his fall and understand his might

Love him through his final days
be protective and not displace, his smile
And he smiles

Cuz only love could be so proud

You are my little one

Take the time
and understand that you're his truest eyes

Stay behind him when he stands
for hidden truths, some he'll command
which later rest in the older man inside

Don't take for granted those times that pass
Live in the present, for the times are fast
Behind, far behind

They'll say the kiss was hard to find

You're my little one
You're my little one

Lyrics Gibb Droll Music Joe Hanna/ Gibb Droll
Producer Joe Hanna/ Gibb Droll Publisher Joe Hanna/ Gibb Droll
Performance Joe Hanna/ Gibb Droll

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