Harmony featuring Aremi Legard

Song Description

This is Aremi Legard's production of Harmony. Visit him at Aremi Legard on Broadjam

Song Length 4:24 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Gracious Subject Heartbreak, Sorrow
Language English Era 2000 and later



Listen to me
Don't you cry
It's just me
I'm not like those other guys
That you see
I can't tell you
No more lies
It can't be
When you were
Just a twinkle in an eye
I was here
Waiting for Love to arrive
Then you came
In the Autumn of my life
It's insane
For a child to be my wife

Now you're saying that you love me
I love you as well
But to watch me growing old
Is gonna be your living Hell
And when you catch up to my age
I will be well-laid
Will you put flowers on my grave?

You are young
Meant to be wild and free
I am old
Living in my memories
Still you know
I would give it all for you
But I know
I could never see it through

I don't want you to see me cry
So I'll turn and walk away
There's no point in you asking why
It just has to be this way
I know someday some younger man
Will come and take my place
Just like me
Whisper so tenderly

© 2012 Nick Fuse

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music Nick Fuse/Aremi Legard
Producer Aremi Legard Publisher Fuse/Legard
Performance Nick Fuse/Aremi Legard Label LovePops
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