Lost Nation

Story Behind The Song

In this song Randall set out to chronicle the "state of the union" post 9-11-01. The title harbors multiple meanings. It reflects on the USA's somewhat confused state after the September tragedies resulting from the cowardly terrorist attacks, while als

Song Description

The strong blues shuffle, the syncopation of the middle break, and the national mood set by the lyrics blend into one song just as the many facets of God unite in Jesus Christ!

Song Length 4:08 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Gospel
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject World, Judgement
Similar Artists Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allman Brothers Band Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



Heads are spinnin, The world still sturns.
Towers crumble and, bridges still burn.
It seems like once you cross over, it's just so-so hard to get back.
I believe it's time that, we the people, are told just a little bit of truth.
Will you even hear the, invitation,
When the bombs start fallin' on this Lost Nation?

Eyes are open, but hearts are closed.
Feet keep a walkin', we're in a hurry you know.
We can't slow down for no mirrors, too afraid we might really see ourselves.
Don't you think it's time we, come together, and find a piece of common ground.
Or will you only see your, situation, when the fire starts rainin' on this Lost Nation?

I pledge allegiance to the flag that waives.
I pledge my soul to the God that saves.
The ground might a shook in September.
But on this solid rock I'm gonna stand
I believe it's time that, we the people, keep an eye on the eastern sky.
There will be no time for, hesitation, when He comes back to redeem us and this Lost Nation!

Copyright 8-22-02 by Randall Mercer

Lyrics Randall Mercer Music Randall Mercer & Bryan Robbins
Producer Steven L. Robbins; SLR Records, Inc. Publisher Steven L. Robbins; The Crossroads Music Co., Inc.
Performance Steve Robbins-Lead Guitar; Randall Mercer-Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Bryan Robbins-Bass Guitar; John Piascik-Drums; Thom Pope-Lead Guitar Label SLR Records, Inc.; The Crossroads Music Co., Inc.; Recorded/Mastered@Pacifica Studios, Cleveland, OH

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