Story Behind The Song

I was thinking of what music I would put behind a beautiful but sometimes startled dream.

Song Description

It took time to figure what kind of instruments to use for some of the tranquility of being in a dream.I thought it could be used in a mystery or drama movie,

Song Length 1:17 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Parody
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Stressed, Peaceful Subject Dreams, Darkness
Era 2000 and later

Superb stuff. So well done in so many ways. Smooth intro with worldly sounds, great dynamics, and compelling instrumentation make this tune come together real well.

Certainly has a place in TV or Film.

Great work. Enjoyed the listen.

Very odd cue. But I loved it! Not sure what kind of opportunity this would be right for but there's got to be one out there somewhere!

A great, suspenseful effort! Well done!

I admire your effort with this Sound track - it evokes an emotion and paints a picture. MP

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