Best Day (Country-Contemporary/Pop, Pop-Adult Contemporary)

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Broadjam Member Reviews This is a lovely gentle song. The quality of the recording is great. You have a great voice and the playing is beautifully subtle. You've used some unusual chord sequences, which, once I'd adjusted to, we're quite catchy and gave the song a clear shape. it's great to hear artists breaking out of set sequences. - Simon Finn

Song Length 3:20 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Congenial Subject Happiness, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Daniel Beddingfield, KT Tunstall Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Feel free to put an Instrumental BRIDGE after last verse)

It's just the best day
When love made me sway
You've done this to me
E F#M7
Filled my heart, I know you see
F#M7 E
Yeah....just the best day...
F#M7 E
The best day.......

CM7 Amaj7
And one day you were just there
Big Brown eyes with a certain flair
A life changer; so this is it
G AMaj7
This 'cupit' is such a culprit
All from the day you stood there
....You stood there

CM7 Amaj7
On our way to enjoy this day
We walk to the sun filled horizon
Hand in Hand, becoming one
G AMaj7
Hard to breath, hard to feel
Except this love sealing the deal
...Sealing the deal

Just the Best day
You showed the way
Your lips just so sweet
E F#M7
Temperature rising, feel the heat
F#M7 E
Yeah, just the Best day
F#M7 E
The best day.......

CM7 Amaj7
The love we feel hangs in the air
Emotions once I could not share
Now burst forward uncontrolled
G AMaj7
These moments are better than gold
Except for when you said yes said yes

To chorus

Shades of Jim Webb about this , a most enjoyable listen .

Love the verbrato, very subtle but effective...did I hear some discord in the song? interesting play...or was it minor in spots?
Don't we all want a best is so fleeting...well done.

That may be the best song I've ever heard in here!

I know this artist this picking style is unique hard to find so its hopeful!

This would be a great song for a groom to sing to his bride on their wedding day. The vocals are right on and super-sweet, definitely drenched with love, well communicated. Beautiful guitar work complement the lyrics. Love the alliteration with Cupid/culprit.

just great your vocals keep it up and your guitar giving you your right harmonies

Lyrics Steve Dafoe Music Steve Dafoe
Publisher Steve Dafoe Performance Max Green
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