When Johnny Comes Home

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excited about returning home from war, a veteran ponders what it will be like to return home and is faced with some harsh realities.

Song Length 5:28 Genre Unique - Patriotic, Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Protest, War
Language English Era 2000 and later


will the streets be paved in gold
do the young care for their old
are the poor and hungry sheltered from their storm
did the blacks and whites unite
and end that endless fight
and does freedom still rule our land from shore to shore

seems so long ago
five years I've been gone
with blood sweat and tears, I've paid my price
will their arms be opened wide
and will their hearts be filled with pride
I hope they'll never know the pain I hide inside

When Johnny Comes Home
will a hero's welcome greet him when he comes
will you shake his hand and thank him for what he's done
or will he find a land that's simply turned away
When Johnny Comes Home

How many times must this world ignite, before we put an end to war

jobs are hard to find
there's no peace of mind
and this sidewalk is cold and hard
drifting off to sleep
to the sound of shuffling feet
sounds of people
marching off to war

How many times must this world ignite, before we put an end to war

Lyrics Sam Masiello Music Sam Masiello
Producer Sam Masiello Publisher masiello
Performance masiello- vocals, piano, guitar, organ
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