Fine Fine Line

Story Behind The Song

this is one of the first songs I did on my system so the sound is not that great. I was eager to get this done and had the flu when i sung this. I ended up liking the sound of my voice even though some of the notes are not quite on.

Song Description

there's no way this relationship was going to work

Song Length 4:26 Genre Blues - Rock, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Breaking Up, Dysfunctional Relations
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm sorry
I apologize
but I could not say i love you
when i was looking in your eye's
I know you're lonely
I'm lonely too
but i was just as lonely baby
when i was spending my time with you
we gave it a try
you and I
but from the very beginning baby
we couldn't see eye to eye
but we had fun
but now that's done
and while that's just the way it goes
there's still some pain that lingers on
it's a fine fine line
between losers and winners
it's a fine fine line
between saints and sinners
it's a fine fine line
between a one and a two
but it's a long way baby from me ever loving you
well don't cry, just say good bye
sometimes our lives just seem all wrong
but you just have to play along

Lyrics S Masiello Music S Masiello
Producer S Masiello Publisher S Masiello
Performance S Masiello- vocal, bass, guitar, drums, piano; Ed K, Organ; Kenny Vaillant, acoustic guitar
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