Black Velvet Elvis

Story Behind The Song

I was driving with Ed and he mentioned that Black velvet Elvis would be a good song title, so I wrote this later that week. A funny story is that I left the room so Craig could play to the track and when I returned, Ed's dog Frank was humping on Craig's leg as he was doing this track!

Song Description

just a play on words

Song Length 3:47 Genre Blues - Rural, Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Life, Dysfunctional Family
Language English


from inside there's a holler but nobody cares
they've heard it all before it's just a regular affair
he'll never change he's a dedicated man
as he tears the top off of an ice cold can
well he acts like the king
but he's truly a slave
to his patch in the park
and his tin can cave
never been to Vegas or the Sunset Strip
he's a Viva las redneck
on an imaginary trip
Black velvet Elvis
Black velvet Elvis
No Picasso, on Van Goh
just a piece of work that we all know
some think his mind's
not a complicated matter
he's proud to take his place on the social ladder
he always was and he always will be
Black velvet Elvis
you can hang with me

Lyrics S Masiello Music S Masiello
Producer S Masiello Publisher S Masiello
Performance Craig Bowers, lead guitar; Ed K, keyboards; S Masiello, drums ,bass, vocals
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