Song Length 4:47 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal

WOW...this instrumentation is really impressive

Great playing. Cool song. Guitar intro is mind blowing.

Normally not a big fan of this genre, but this song was excellent. I think this has massive potential to be placed in some tv shows or movies. That guitar solo at the beginning was a little unnecessary but holy crap i wish i could play like that. Loved the vocal tone, extremely well mixed as well, great work!

beautiful harmonies, nice instrumentation, great chord progression, nice fill ins, solid

Very well written, sung and instrumented piece that keeps you entertained throughout, with shades of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allmans. Lyrics are chock full of soul.

Pretty sure I recognize this band - super-high quality across the board, and it's got a unique chord progression that really stands out. I'm hearing Pure Prairie League, Gregg Allman and other retro influences, but still very current sounding. Excellent!

I love it

Someone needs to pick this song up. The vocal was excellent. The intro guitar work was very impressive. The rest of the instruments fit nicely into the song, and I liked the arrangement very much...especially the undercurrent of banjo which can have a tendency to get lost. The production and use of reverb and panning really showed me that someone really cared about putting together a great pitchy all fit together nicely. Great job!

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