In Every Way

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal

What really struck me about this song was the passion with which it was written and performed. I hear a lot of love songs on Broadjam, but this would probably rate in the top 10 in sincerity. That's what really came across to me. Favorite lyric: heart is like a whistle. Very creative. There are some killer guitar solo/licks in there that are played with equal passion. The harmonies on the bridge were beautiful.

Outstanding guitar work, and the overall vibe is a gorgeous mix of styles. This is great listening music for sure, with unusual but welcome harmonies. Broadjam could use more quality stuff like this!

WOW this one really kicks in nicely after the chorusy opening chords---Really has excellent instrumentation and super ripping tasty lead guitar...the lyrics and vocalist really deliver this one home. Dig the harmonies. Very nice breakdowns and dynamics. A very Special song and spiritual journey. Love the song and artist.

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