Story Behind The Song

After creating the music Kathy came up with the idea of using it for something dark.

Song Description

Everybody has some demons they would like to get rid of. They may not be of the spiritual kind but there still should be someway rid yourself of these burdens. It's all symbolically an exorcism.

Song Length 7:01 Genre Rock - Gothic, Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Disconcerted Subject Darkness, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


by Kathy Hartman

The priest in times of peril
Shall adorn the misten pure
Frock and crown of ANU,
Bring the 8 rayed sun
And face in due manner
The sacred tablets of calling
And wield the copper dagger
Of Inanna
In the right hand held high

For it is believed in the coven
That shall a man bore fire
He not do so in a pit
Less he be named therein

So is true we call forth the arch of fire
And they must show caution
Lest they delete and consume the priest and his entire generation

Thus the exorcism of ANU
Thus the exorcism of ANU
Thus the exorcism of ANU
Thus the exorcism of ANU

Put on the starry crown of Heaven
Kindly watch her like gods that made thee
Stead fast always
Journey to favor the elder gods

No evil spirit No evil demon
No high demon No filthy demon
No dominating demon No dirty demon
No shred of darkness No mistress twilight

No-one lives inside you now
No-one lives inside you now
No-one lives inside you now
No-one lives inside you now

This song makes you want to run away hollering for your mommy. Really crazy and unique piece. I can picture naked witches gathered around a massive fiery cauldron and crazily gyrating. Scary and loads of fun both at the same time. Really cool and entertaining piece.

Outstanding opening and overall structure and arrangement. The electronica is spot on. I do not listen to this type of music at all - but I love the fullness of the sound and haunting feeling. I don't know if I should feel scared or bust out of my chair and go on a run. Interesting use of vocal, as well as the organ and "whistle" sound. Keep it up for sure.

Lyrics Kathy Hartman Music Rusty Newcomer
Producer Rusty Newcomer Publisher TimeLoom Publishing
Performance Kathy Hartman, Rusty Newcomer


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