Strictly Yours

Story Behind The Song

New song called "Strictly Yours." The lyrics and music were written by Shelly... James of course spiffed it up a bit. We are looking forward to adding some drums and back-up vocals to build it up a bit more. This song is about breaking up, and how h

Song Length 3:33 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


You take a picture of your rosaries
You collect them, you've defaced them
You walk around in your blinded room
No one looks here; it's your secret fear

If your heart should be broken,
Could you awake from your dismal state?
If your soul isn't taken,
Then what remains, is your mistake.

You'll love him always
Forgive him always
But he'll not be yours
Never be with you always
Or look at your face
Or the memories of yours

Fortune teller, tells your future
You'd listen, but you haven't one
Wrote a letter to a stranger
Found a pretty stamp, threw it in the trash

Can't be afraid to let them in
You must weigh-in, just to begin
If you've broken everyone
Your only sin, is what could have been

...or the memories that are strictly yours.

Lyrics Shelly Farmer Music Shelly Farmer and James Howell
Performance Shelly Farmer and James Howell

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