DECPTIVE CADENCE: Everytime (Live Studio Version)

Story Behind The Song

One of the few songs Shelly's written that doesn't have a real-life story behind it... interesting...

Song Length 3:55 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


There's a rainy day loungin' in my head
It's the same black cloud that crawls beneath my bed
It follows me the whole day through
It's the doubt I get, when I think of you.

Everytime, we say goodbye
I hope we try to make it right
But you don't write
And I don't call
We don't try to make it right at all.

There's a forking road travlin' in my head
It's the twisted path of all the things you've said
I try to follow to get me through
I just get lost eveytime I do.

Lyrics Shelly Farmer Music Shelly Farmer and James Howell
Producer Jared Furlong and Tyler Clark Performance Shelly Farmer, James howell, Billy Fox

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