Set It Off

Story Behind The Song

It was written in Observation of a couple friends I've known in my life that, even tho they had made some mistakes with their lives, they keep on pushin'

Song Description

No matter what life puts in your path. believe and keep it movin'

Song Length 4:30 Genre R & B - Soul, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad, Welcoming Subject Philosophy, Dance
Similar Artists Al Green, Gary Clark Jr. Language English


Written by Shake Anderson

Verse 1
This is the story, of Judy Blue
Nymph of the needle, she's the queen of the moon
Now Judy's a Leo, but she burned too fast
Always a searching, never searching to last
Though she comes from a place in her long ago
Where she got her info, no one really knows - She said

Set it off, what's been done has been done
Get under the shade, if you're afraid of the sun

Verse 2
Now this is the poem, of Jimmy the Green
Pimp of the wicked, architect to the thief
Now Jimmy's an Aries, but he flew too high
When they cut lose the sand bags, balloon got no higher
See he comes from a place in the long ago
Where he got his info, no one really knows - He said

Set it off, what's been done has been done
Get under the shade, if you're afraid of the sun

Verse 3
Now this is the limerick, The one about me
I'll die when I'm able, I'll live to disagree
No need for more verses, Let's keep it short and sweet
'Cause when you get to the ending, Did you really know me
Who really knows me
See I come from a place in that long ago
Where I got my info, I don't really know

Set it off, what's been done has been done
Get under the shade, if you're afraid of the sun

Set it off, what's been done has been done
Get under the shade, if you're afraid of the sun

Lyrics Shake Anderson Music Shake Anderson
Producer Shake Anderson Publisher Sam Shake Songs Publishing BMI
Performance Shake Anderson Label TSM Entertainment Group
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