Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Contemporary

This has the potential of being a really good song...I Hear a little Merl.....

You had me from the first note. I loved the vocals and music. Your lyrics tell a great story. Did you like specific instrumental parts?--vocals and piano

1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes 2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? yes 3) Is my melody interesting? yes 4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? yes 5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? yes.

The song has a nice feel to it. I enjoyed listening. The simple vocal and piano worked well for this song. The lyrics told a story, which Country music is all about. The instrumentation and production were all good. Nicely done!!

Great county voice telling a good story. Well done.

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Ronald Arduini Lyrically touching songs 12/16/2020
Ronald Arduini Country 12/16/2020

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