Red Ruby Slippers

Story Behind The Song

The W.O.O.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Blues - Chicago, Blues - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Oooo people
Let me tell you
About these shoes

I?ve got a pair of shoes
These shoes are so

These shoes are
So wonderful.
They are not Dorothy?s
But mine
That?s right, mine.

My name is not Dorothy
But I?ve got a pair of Red Ruby Slippers
I said my name is not Dorothy
But I?ve got a pair of red ruby slippers

I can click one time
And turn water into
A fine bottle of wine.

I can click two times
And make your heart
Beat out of line.

I can click three times
And make you write me
A love song

But baby
All the words
Got to rhyme

I?ll tell you people
People can?t nobody
Wear these shoes but me
These red ruby slippers

I can click four times
And make you give me
Change for a dime.

I can click five times
And make an old drunken man
Walk a straight line

I can click six times
Everything that is broke
It will be fixed.

These incredible shoes
They are mine
All mine

I?m sorry Dorothy
I?m so sorry
I said I?m sorry Dorothy
But you just
Can?t have my shoes

I can click seven times
And tell Michael, Raphael, and Samuel
To open up
The gates to heaven

I can click on the count of eight
And make the finest man
In Hollywood give me a date

I can click nine times
And make your man
From his head to his toes
All mine.

These shoes
These wonderful shoes
I?m sorry Dorothy
Oooo Dorothy
I?m sorry
I?m sorry
You just can?t have my shoes

Now listen
I can click on the count of ten
And raise more hell than
An old cacking hen

These shoes
These shoes
My red ruby slippers
My name is not Dorothy
But I?ve got a pair of red ruby slippers
These shoes

This song has a great feel. The lyrics are very original. Very nice vocal delivery. Great change of instrumentation at 1.40. The arrangement is superb. I love the bass and keyboard parts. The musicianship all round is tremendous. Excellent sound quality.

I would listen to her music, this song was relaxing.

Unusual song...I'm not quite getting it tbh but I can see there is some talent there, will listen to some of your other stuff

Here's an original song with a great topic. Dorothy's Red Ruby Slippers. I like the structure of the song (counting to ten clicks). The lyrics are rather humorous. Probably the best ones were the drunken man walking a straight line and the cackling hen. The song isn't meant to be serious; performed live probably gets a lot of laughs, especially if the performer is clicking those shiny red shoes.

Very interesting! Liked the way it built as it went on. Lots of great color instruments. Not a typical blue tune but very cool!

Great vocals on this,really stands out,excellent. Lyrics are unusual but really good. All in all a fine recording and I like it a lot.

I love the groove, the beat, instrumentation and arrangement sounds good.

Nice drummer. You guys are good, keep pluggin'!

Love the originality of this composition....very clever for sure! I like the arrangement, the little trumpet riff is super cool!! The lyrics are thoughtful and it's just flat out super cool!! Great Job, there are several places where the vocal could be auto tuned, but just a few!! Overall this is a nice well thought out tune!!! You should be proud........

I definitely like the arrangement and overall composition of the song structure.

But overall, the beat is simple and catchy enough for you to write a better song to hook people.

Other than that, great job, you have Great potential. I really liked it, but I am looking at it from the general perspective/pov. Keep it up!!

dig the rhythm section groove...quirky horn lines, too...
starting to dig the vocal vibe

nice groove. i like the way you weave in the subject matter for the lyrics. edgy and gritty. I like it. cool shuffle goin on here.

Lyrics Serneka Music Roger Sherman
Producer Serneka Publisher Serneka
Performance Serneka Label Serneka
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