Beating Heart

Story Behind The Song


Song Length 3:01 Genre R & B - Classic, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



I hear your
Heart beating
When you are lying
Here beside me

Old beating heart
Beating Heart

Oh baby now
Tell me
Is your heart
Beating for me
Or someone new?

I just want to know
You said that
You love me
Sometimes it.
Really don?t show

Baby please now
Pick up the phone
And say that you care
To think about
Another lover
You wouldn?t dare

Old beating heart
Beating Heart

I don?t want to look
For another lover
Or stand at Lonely
Heartbreak hill
From the very start.

Old beating heart
Beating heart
Beating heart
Beating heart

Will you hold me?
In your arms
Please keep me
Very warm

Baby please
Baby please
Hear my soft cry
Lay your head
On my shoulder
Gently wipe these tears
From my hurting eyes

I love you
Beating heart
Beating heart
Old beating heart

Ooooo beating heart

Beating heart

Old beating heart
Old beating heart
Old beating heart

Nice singing and performance, well produced and recorded. The singer had a nice, embracing, warm tone. I can imagine the singer in a lounge, performing this song and walking around as she is engaging all the patrons as they follow her every move on stage.

Definitely has a great Smoky Robinson vibe. Instrumental was nice and the vocals matched perfectly. Sounds timeless. Great job.

You must have heard this a million times before but you sound a lot like Smokey Robinson!

There's a quality here that revives the musical love that came out of Memphis and Muscle Shoals. I love the simple groove that's tight as a tick's ass and the wonderfully loose vocal. The strings are tastefully placed throughout. Great job.

Great concept

Here's a love song with a memorable hook: The Beating Heart. Nice instrumentation and production. Vocal is authentic and believably sung, kind of a pleading "don't leave me" song.

When I heard those chords start off with the pad it got me in touch with my R&B side a bit, I did enjoy the instrumentation for the most part, the simplicity was refreshing and it is definitely a catchy chorus when the 'beating heart' lyrics begin to repeat. I feel like it is memorable and if you get a lot of people to listen they will be repeating those lyrics!

I hear the "Smokey" in you Lol

You nailed this, Smokey.

good singer!,

Smokey R vibe...good vocals...

Like the combination of instruments here. Artist has a soft, attractive voice. Reminds me of the Mo-town days for sure.

Lyrics Serneka Music Christopher Billics
Producer Serneka Publisher Serneka
Performance Serneka Label Serneka
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