St. Louie

Song Length 3:12 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Blues - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Verse 1
Walkin in the Heartland
Sippin on fine wine
Watchin all the people chasin after dreams
As they stare up at the gateway
Wanna hear ?um play that
Sultry blues and jazz
But it doesn?t matter to me
Cause I got everything that I need

I got a man with a slow hand
And a rooftop view of all the land
Got a dime in my pocket
I?m ready to rock this house; let?s scream and shout
I got a smile right in front of me from a heart of gold
Baby can?t you see St. Louie calling for me

Verse 2
Just sit back and relax
Don?t matter if we?re late
The Cardinals took the game
And things are lookin great
Got a tour of Union Station
Fudge was in the makin
Everyone wantin a piece of the action
Not me
Cause I got everything I need


Enjoy the ride as the steamboat sounds her bell
Guaranteed it?s gonna set you free


Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved
(Samantha Blue)

Lyrics Samantha Blue Music Samantha Blue
Producer Samantha Blue/Ben Hooper/Kenny Marshall Performance Samantha Blue
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