Mind Playin Tricks

Song Length 2:49 Genre Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Verse 1
Can you feel the wind rushing by?
Can you hear it when you are so high you don?t wanna come down
There?s a chill in the air, can you tell?
It seemed to come out of nowhere

Or it?s my mind playin tricks on me
Thinkin I?m somewhere and seeing what I wanna see
My mind playin tricks on me again

Verse 2
Well the clock seems to wind on the wall
And I?m feelin ten feet tall on this pedistal I have found
Is there anyone out there who?s listening?
Maybe I?m just being twisted or resisting all I?ve turned around


So long to my old friend sanity
I wish my deepest thoughts would let me be


Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved
(Samantha Blue)

Lyrics Samantha Blue Music Samantha Blue
Producer Samantha Blue/Kenny Marshall Performance Samantha Blue

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