With You

Story Behind The Song

I was working on a song writing project, we were assigned subjects to write about. I've never composed that way, and in the middle of all that I just walked into the studio and sat down at the piano and this came out, I wrote it in about 20 minutes. A lot of folks like this song and it has helped them through some rough times.

Song Description

A quick summary of my life which many people can relate to.

Song Length 4:25 Genre R & B - Classic, R & B - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Quiet, Still Subject Life, God
Similar Artists Michael Bolton Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



From deep inside this song has come
I can't hide what You have done
With all my heart I want to say
My love for You grows every day
Nothing can take Your love away from me.
When I met You my whole life changed
My broken heart made whole again
And all of the times that I failed You
You never failed to see me through
I've been so false and You so true, so true to me.
I don't understand how You can love me, the way I am
I'm such a weak and weary man, I need you.


(I want to tell you about it now!)

And so to You I owe my life
Lead me through the darkest night
I believe every word You say
Help me walk close to You each day
In every thought, in every way with You.
I believe every word you say
Help me walk close to You each day
In every thought, in every way with You.

Russel Alan Pratt
March 1985
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lyrics Russel Alan Pratt Music Russel Alan Pratt
Producer Russel Alan Pratt Publisher Aurora Productions
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