Let it Go

Song Length 4:44 Genre Pop - Rock


let it go

you've got to let it go--just drop your hat and get on
you can row or go with the flow--just think or sink before we're gone
out of touch you talk too much you're broken chokin' subway token

down on the colorform grass the bargain moon is sinking fast
sound the obligatory brass and let it go
let it go now it's you--let it go

it's a new and improved state of mind--like a sycophantic rodeo
i've been through every mind i could find
on this psycho-plastic tv show
out of style and all the while keep posing do that status quo thing

high in the crayon skye the diet sun drones on and on
i caught your dirty white lie, i let it go--let it go now it's you--let it go

look left and look right, there's 1000 points of light
we're pleated and pressed and white
through day and through night, a screw is loose but the ship is tight
the lepers keep out of sight

i had a sudden change of heart on the sycophantic rodeo
i'm not sincere but i could play the part
you really can't expect much more
frantic tantric all semantic labels fables still don't make it so

far from the neon crowd the elastic band is way too loud
and when they turned and bowed we let them go
let it go now it's you--let it go

Lyrics Robert Sica Music Robert Sica

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