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maybe you're right and i daydream
maybe you're right and the world's a spinning eggcream
sweet and white
but whirling on the game screen it's hard to keep my bolts tight
that's how i seem--is it alright?

you say my head's in a fog--i'm not stable
you watch me dance with your dog but no, no not on the table
he can bark he can sing--you've got your bird on a string
that's my thing--is it alright?

you see me smiling dayglo--but my tongue is out of groove
i'm a picture in a window--i'm a flame that doesn't move
but my flame can burn all night--is it alright?

maybe you're right and i'm lazy
i stay up all night so the mornings seem a little hazy
and nothing seems to phase me--but it's my machine...

Lyrics Robert Sica Music Robert Sica

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