Story Behind The Song

My roommate in college was a big gamer. He had a beautiful girlfriend, and he consistently played video games with her around. It baffled me, so I wrote a song about it.

Song Description

It is difficult to come up with a new twist on the whole relationship/dsyfunction/break up theme. However, I think this song is able to use video games in a funny, tounge in cheek way. This song revolves around a young couple. The boy plays a lot of video

Song Length 2:44 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Relationship, Other Similar Artists Green Day, Reel Big Fish
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


PS2 (words and music by Ricky Drake)

She says, ?We never go out?
Since I got a game
I say, ?That?s not true honey
Last night?barely played
Okay. Four, five, six, or nine
Hours or more when you and I
Could have held each other
But I had the world to save?

Why can?t she
Come join me
My girl doesn?t dig PS2

She slips into lingerie
Tryin? for my pants
She?s lighting all her candles
Hopin? for romance
?Didn?t I tell you I had too
Many missions to get through?
And I made the playoffs
How can she think I?m an ass?


Now my girl?s yellin?
She has had enough
But my mind?s wandering
Through our breakup
I?d fantasize we would play
Madden Football everyday
?If sports aren?t your style
Two-player action is for us?

Chorus 2x

Lyrics Ricky Drake Music Ricky Drake
Producer Ricky Drake/Robert Hartwig Publisher Roundhouse Kick Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Ricky Drake/Brandon Stanley

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