The Douchebag

Song Description

This song revolves around a character who is fed up with stupid, weird men somehow dating nice women.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


The Douchebag (words and music by Ricky Drake)

He's strutting in a half T shirt
And strolling in spandex
While checking out his pecs
Go on talk more about yourself
The girls think he's a stud
And I want to throw up

He doesn't waste time with his lines
The ones that worked a thousand times
I think I speak for us average guys
What the hell is going on

This guy's a douchebag
But the ladies go "OOO OOO"
Brags about his supplements
This is getting new
This guy's a douchebag
Droppin' game til he has won
Flashin' that pearly grin
He's mastered the hit and run, yeah

Burning out his tires in the lot
In a souped up 88
Yet that gets him a date
Wrappin' his arms around a blonde
Who's buying this charade
He leads her to foreplay

He's got a bad job but good rims
Adding a notch he racks them in
I can't believe I envy him
What the hell is going on


Copyright 2006
Ricky Drake

Lyrics Ricky Drake Music Ricky Drake
Producer Ricky Drake/Robert Hartwig Publisher Roundhouse Kick Publishing
Performance Ricky Drake, Tyson Roth, Travis Yost

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