La Fiesta

Story Behind The Song

I love to compose songs with lots of percussion and polyrhythms. I had on mind for years this piano salsa loop so I develop this song from that basis. the song flow to be very dynamic, positive and energetic so maybe I was in a very depressed mood when I

Song Description

same but longer.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Latin - Salsa, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Joyful, Cheerful Subject Happiness, Laugh, Smile
Similar Artists The Sex Pistols, Squirrel Nut Zippers Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Very nice Latin instrumental. This song puts me in a good mood to listen to it! It is very uplifting and somehow gives me images of adventure, festivities, and living life to the fullest. Especially in these lock down times, this is needed!!! Instrumentals are so interesting because without lyrics, the music itself must connote the meaning and mood of the song.

I particularly like what happens at 40 seconds, music that comes in. keyboards, I think. and again at 1:20.

I also really like the changes and evolution that the song does. Keeps in the same theme and spirit but adds more element to the song as it goes. Keeps the listener constantly interested to see what will come next, yet it all goes together and flows. I am really glad I heard this song.

Enjoyable Latin tune! Very busy with the Tempo and gets the feet moving! Love it! Solid balanced Production.

the track gets increasingly more interesting as it progresses. The enery of the track is high and has the salsa groove well established. if the intention was for it to be a show-type track then it succeeds very well

Excellent work. Beautiful modern arrangement.

nice work on this song, a lot of nice tempo and well mixed and recorded. good breakdown.
this is a pro

ncely done all the way... love it .. the melody is perfect amd syncs with the beat ...

Sounds like Chicago.

I loved the track from the beginning! Great energy, & nice variety in the track. Enjoyed the different instrument solos. The song has great potential.

It has excitement and good build.

The piano accompaniment is excellent and they soft yet incredible way in which the horns blending is great. The hook is great and it blends in nicely and the songs smoothly transitions right into it. The horn orchestration is great and the keyboard/piano intricately weaves well right into the song. This is great for dancing and just listening enjoyment. It has a lot of energy. The way in which the song return to the chorus is great. This is well written and arranged. The ending is dynamic. I love the way it slows down and then stops. Leaves you wanting to hear more

Excellent track. Instrumentation is well rounded and complimentary across the board. Great ending as well. This really works for me and I would buy this song.

great instrumental piece!- there's always something going on in that piece of music- the arrangements keeps the listener on alert - I like the way the synths are used in this particular piece -makes me wanna dance and I'm not even a dancer!


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